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1914 - 18

Private OSCAR J ALLCOCK 320445, 12th Bn., Norfolk Regiment who died age 22 on 2 October 1918. Son of John and Jessie Allcock, of Tittleshall. TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLE

Private LIONEL KENELM DIGBY 38456, 7th Bn., Norfolk Regiment who died age 34 on 18 October 1918. Son of Reginald and Caroline Grace Digby, of Geashill Castle, King's Co. Rector of Tittleshall. RAIMBEAUCOURT CHURCHYARD This is unusual, a churchyard in France and Flanders where there is only one Allied burial. The only one I have found.

Three Digby Cousins

Private URIAH EVERITT 81477, Middlesex Regiment transf. to (153055) , Labour Corps who died age 19 on 15 June 1917. Son of Mrs. E. Everitt, of 74, Fakenham Rd., Tittleshall. BURNHAM-ON-CROUCH CEMETERY

Private ERIC HOW(E) 6172, 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars who died on 19 January 1915. Born Tittleshall, resident Swaffham. ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN

Private LESLIE O JOHNSON 31170, 1st Bn., East Lancashire Regiment who died age 20 on 15 March 1919. Son of Mr. W. Johnson, of Lower Farm, Tittleshall. TITTLESHALL (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD


Driver SIDNEY PALMER T4/173232, Army Service Corps who died age 25 on 12 November 1918. Son of Mrs. Ann Palmer; husband of Elizabeth Alison Palmer, of 91, Overstone Rd., Northampton. Born at Tittleshall. NORTHAMPTON (BILLING ROAD) CEMETERY

Private WILFRED DAVID PALMER 41974, 1st Bn., Cambridgeshire Regiment who died on 10 October 1918. Born Tittleshall. VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL

Private ROBERT ROBERSON 9369, 1st/5th Bn., Durham Light Infantry who died age 25 on 7 November 1916. Son of Charles and Harriett Roberson, of Tittleshall. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL

Private WILLIAM A SMITH 241150, 1st/5th Bn., Norfolk Regiment who died on 19 April 1917. Enlisted Dereham. JERUSALEM MEMORIAL
NOTE Closest match

Private ABEL THOMPSON 42784, 14th Bn. formerly 1st/6th Bn., Durham Light Infantry who died age 33 on 27 September 1916. Son of the late Abel and Susan Thompson, of 49, High St., Tittleshall. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL

Private JOHN ABLE THOMPSON 16189, 8th Bn., Norfolk Regiment who died age 23 on 11 August 1917. Son of John and Rebecca Thompson, of 18, High St., Tittleshall. TYNE COT CEMETERY

Private WILLIAM ERNEST WITHERS 290326, 1st/10th Bn., Middlesex Regiment attd. 2nd Bn. , Norfolk Regiment who died on 3 September 1916. Born Fakenham. BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERY
NOTE Closest match

World War Two

Leading Aircraftman REGINALD ALFRED LUSHA 1003160, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died age 23 on 28 September 1941. Son of Francis H. Lusha and Maud E. Lusha, of Tittleshall. School Teacher. TITTLESHALL (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD



Lance Corporal BENJAMIN WHATLEY Royal Marines who died aged 20 on 24 December 2008 in Afghanistan. Mail Online Report.